A few kilometers from Siem Reap, Cambodia ‘s second largest city, there is the community of Kro Bei Rial composed by 12 different villages with a population of 7000 people. In Kro Bei Rial, life unfolds according to the traditional patterns of rural life: high rates of unemployment , illiteracy , poor access to medical care, malnutrition. Most of the villagers barely manage to cultivate what is necessary for their own subsistence and for their own families. This happens only few kilometers away from Siem Reap, one of the most touristic cities around the Southeast Asia, the main foothold for exploring the wonders of Angkor , the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire.

In this community, AnlaDi, in partnership with the Cambodian non governmental organization SHCC has built a kindergarten for the children of Kro Bei Rial and is supporting thirty families for getting access to school and health facilities.

In this context, Mr Sambath, project Manager of the local NGO SHCC, has explained to seventeen children of the Kro Bei Rial community what are their rights. Through the Convention on the Rights of the Child, translated into Khmer, the local language, Mr. Sambath was able to explain them in a simple and direct way, what their fundamental rights are. Mr. Sambath then asked them to draw a picture of the right that they liked the most. All children welcomed this project with enthusiasm: Cambodian children are rarely asked for their opinion on a certain topic. Having the opportunity to speak and to understand that, despite their young age, they have the right to be protected, was undoubtedly important.