Italy has inaugurated the art exhibition “I know my rights “ with the art works made by the children of two schools located in the province of Bergamo: the primary school Dante Alighieri in Mapello and the Public Kindergarten in Palazzago.
52 children attending grade 3 have been involved during the presentation of the project: Paola Cerea, Human Rights Expert and Desk officer of Annulliamo la Distanza,  explained to children their rights provoking also some interesting reactions. What is a right, which rights do we have and  what is the difference between a right and  a whish.
“You know that saying your opinion is your right? Adults should take into account your thoughts “” So why my mom always tells me to shut up and that I am talking too much? “
All children have the right to have a name, a surname and a nationality
“You are lucky, you have dual citizenship, Italian and Nigerian”
“Even my father is Sicilian!”
As if to say, he was born far from here and he had to leave his home. Because here, we talk about substance and not geographical boundaries.
Children found out that attending school is a right rather than a duty. So, children were stimulated in reflecting and at the end, they even went to their parents to enforce their rights! Parents were disoriented, and asked school for guidance on what to do. There are rights and duties.
And there is the Convention on the rights of the Child to reflect upon. 
The children of the kindergarten of Palazzago are now talking about their rights. Soon we will see some good!