Eureka! The National Children Museum di Halifax (UK), il più grande museo dedicato ai bambini del Regno Unito ha accolto anche quest’anno con entusiamo la proposta di collaborazione coinvolgendo i loro piccoli ospiti in questa grande avventura.

Ecco le parole della responsabile Yvette Brown

Here at Eureka! nursery we care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Since we found out about the project the children have been very excited to get involved.

We at Eureka! Nursery embrace the UNCRC in all that we do and have each Article displayed around the learning environment both inside and outside.

The children are given the opportunity to explore the UNCRC from their very first day as all our daily planning is driven by this.

The children are very proud to be Part of the project and are very excited to see their work displayed in such a special way.